Anti-backlash screw

Hi everyone. I just purchased the 48x30 LongMill and I am put the machine together. There is a gentleman on youtube name Garrett Fromme who does many tips and tricks for the LongMill cnc machine. He mentions that when installing all the backlash blocks to make sure to replace the anti backlash screw with the set screw this way you get the exrta distance of travel before hitting the sensors. The set screw did not come with my 48 x 30. Did anyone get these set screws with your LongMill. Let me know please

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I have the MK1, and got the regular screws. I went down to the hardware store and bought set screws to replace the stock ones.

thanks for the reply.


I have original MK1 and received both screws and set screws. They must have stopped doing that in later versions.

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Heyward43 you may be right. I have the last revision before the LM2 came out. But the mm screws at the hardware store were cheap.

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Not needed for the MK2. There’s no interference at all.


@VinceC I have a older MK1, mine didn’t come with the set screws either, I just cut off a little on the Y’s allen screws so the head is behind the gantry’s, all the others don’t effect movement.