Any Aussie Longmill owners? Power issues and initial setup

Just thinking about buying a Longmill and was wondering if any Aussie users could help with any feedback on power supply issues? I have been informed that I will need a 24V x 25 Amp power supply to set up for Aussie power. There are lots to choose from on the market. Any other issues I should be aware of performance wise?

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@Zakadi Welcome to the forum from The cornfields of Iowa, USA! I am confident someone will chime in to help you. There are a great group of people here so willing to help! I did read something about power supplies for Australia. I am thinking somewhere in this forum too. You may want to do a search.

Personally, I am waiting my MK2. Hopefully within the next week or so it should be shipped.

Best of luck with your cnc endeavors!


I don’t understand why Sienci wouldn’t supply the correct power supply for the Longmill that you purchase. Perhaps you’ll find that information at the site of the Longmill that you are interested in?

The supply needed is just 24V, 10A. Normally our power supplies are able to work on 110 and 220VAC but we weren’t able to source those supplies for the new MK2 so now it only supports 110VAC

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Something like this should do the trick:

PRO ECO 240W 24V 10A

But SL should really be able to source a Dual Voltage power supply relatively easily?

Even somewhere like Jaycar should be able to help you source a part, I had to this a while back for an industrial machine and the PSU they gave me has already been going for a number of years now.

Did you end up getting one?

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Where are you from in Aus? I’m on Phillip Island Victoria. I used a 240v to 110v step down transformer and bought a 240v Makita router all working well.

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Hi Zakandi,

Living in the Netherlands, our voltage is 240V too. Getting a step down transformer is all you have to do. Mine is 300Watt and that suffices. It’s the recommended and cheapest way to get the longmill up ‘n runnin’.

You need to not get the makita on the sienci page, or you end up needing a way bigger and more expansive stepper downer to run both the longmill and the makita on it.

Please note, if your country uses metric, the collet with the makita bought local will be metric also, meaning you cannot install 0,25" (6.35 mm) bits in a 6 mm collet. (they are sold worldwide, though.). I suggest you get the 1/8" collet from the sienci shop, or you end up shopping elsewhere again.

If you are opting for a laser unit, you don’t need to worry about that one, it has an all power compatible power supply. All you need is an adapter to fit it into an Ausie outlet.