Any thoughts/help/advice with this table design?

Jake, I am a big fan of satin wipe-on poly as well. We used it on several walnut built-in pieces when we built our new home recently. I am partial to Old Masters brand, but it’s a bit difficult to find.

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A friend of mine recommended Old Masters as well. Being unable to locate it in my area, I ended up using Minwax. Both projects were walnut with hickory as a contrasting wood. It really made the walnut pop with that deep dark color.

Be safe sir!


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Thanks Jake. You too!


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I got back in the shop today and put on about 3 coats of lacquer Sanding Sealer. I then did a test piece with the aqua stain and I now think I’m going to screw this up. I might switch over to acrylic paint instead…IDK… Here is a pic of the test which is some scrap pine. The blue “T” is tape.

The arrowhead kind of disappeared in that picture

For reference

First, I hope you all don’t mind me posting updates to this table as I’m slowly approaching the final outcome.

My friend’s wife came by for a visit to let me know they were leaving on a short trip to get his mind off everything going on. Hopefully, I can finish it and have it on his porch by the time they get back. Anyway, here are a few pics of where I’m at with it

I was originally wanting to make the legs look like 3 rifles stacked together but I was having some issues making it work. I’ll come back to the idea on another build.

Pocket under the tabletop for the legs to fit in.

Here is the whole table dry fitted together. It is right 29" tall

Later I’ll start gluing it up and then finish it with something.


It looks fantastic! Very nicely done.

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Glass is more suitable as the top, the picture is somewhat abstract, it is more intuitive to build a model.

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Good going in both finding your own coding error and in designing and milling a lovely crest!

Marty from Kingston, ON, Canada

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Several questions.

  1. What type of wood are you using? I ask because different species of wood take , paint, stain or dyes differently.

2, Have you considered a dye for the wood. The color choices are infinite with todays technology.

  1. What tryp of masking are you thinking about?

  2. If painting general finishes has a large color selection of piants designed for woodworking purposes.

The advice on sealing the wood prior to applying colour (Canadian spelling) is perfect.
When applying colour, start with the arrowhead then once it’s dry, tackle the cross.
Before applying the protective topcoat, apply another coat of the sealer, which will lock everything down.

Let us know how this all goes.

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