Any way to upgrade to a router with 1/2” collet

Just wondering if it would be possible to upgrade to a larger router that has a 1/2” collet. Seems like that would open up more possibilities of cutters as well as more HP to cut with.

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I think the added mass and size might be an issue. I haven’t looked at spindles but maybe that’s a optional direction to look in (?)


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I don’t think it would be that hard to upgrade to a larger router but I think it would be much better to go to a spindle. Then you could get a collet set to accommodate any size tooling from 1 to 13mm. That would open you up to a wide array of tooling. Additionally, most spindles will operate down to 6000 RPM.

No you cannot do that. The extra weight of the bigger router would twist the gantry and would cause extra wear on the concentric wheels and cause other unforeseen damage to the machine.

A compromise may be to get a 3/8" collet for the Makita. That would open up some bigger mill options.

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