Anyone else unable to have their machine power up

I just spent the day building my new 30 x 30 and I love what I see. Nice and solid.

One initial issue though. I wired it all fine…double and triple checked it BUT nothing seems to power up. The plug is live, the power cord goes into the brick, the brick goes into the controller.

I turn the controller on…nothing. No noise, no clunk, no led lights up (maybe from under but I’ve got it screwed for,), no fan sound…nada, vip, nothing. I’m going to check the plug out from the brick tomorrow once I get a new battery for my volt meter. Anyone else have a similar issue upon first build? Anything else to check?

Hey Duke,
If you have not hooked up to your computer and set up you UGS then there will be no action by powering up the unit.

Yep. I had plugged in the laptop and had UGS up and running. It couldn’t see the machine and wouldn’t let me change any of the settings. In fact even the job settings were gray. I had been using the same machine with my old xcarve (the xcarve settings were no longer there) so I’m thinking I may just reformat it and reload from scratch. I’ve got all my designs on an external drive anyway.

By way of follow up, after reading some other past questions I went out to the machine and confirmed the power brick has a green light on it and when its off the controller has a faint green led visible from underneath. When I turn it on there seems to be 4 or 5 red led visible from underneath but thats it.

I’ll muck with UGS or another sender tomorrow.

Let us know what happens Blair, happy to get your situation figured out :+1:

It sounds that you’ve checked most things so unless there’s something else glaring then I’m also up to hop on a call

@Duke Does windows device manager see the controller and assign it a com port?

Duke, the Arduino Uno in the controller is powered by the PC thru the USB, so if you have the right serial port selected in UGS you should be able to connect to the controller even if it is tuned off. Make sure you have 115,200 selected as the baud rate. Some versions of UGS defaulted to 9600, and that won’t work.

It seems to be stuck on comm5 and would’t let me change it. I’ve tried different USB ports on the PC but it stays 5 and everything stayed gray.

I eventually decided to reformat and reload my machine. It was a mess from my scarce. Anyway, that seemed to do the trick. I got connected, squared off the machine and screwed it down and right now the waste board is being flattened. Woohoo!

Thanks all.

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It does now but thats just because I blew out the computer and reloaded it. I had so much crap on it from using it with my old xcarve and different programs that it was just easier to start from scratch.