Anyone have an automatic fire extinguisher in their enclosure?

I might be overdoing it but since this cnc will be in my home shop, I plan on installing a automatic fire extinguisher inside the CNC enclosure. It’s 50 bucks and would extinguish a fire automatically should one break out in the enclosure. Does anyone else use anything similar? I had a little fire once in my shop and being in a giant wood pile of a room, better safe than sorry!

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It is all about your level of comfort. If it means spending 50.00 to make you feel safer, then by all means do! Years ago, they put extinguishers in the trunk of squad cars to keep officers safe. Never needed to use it (thank goodness) but knowing it was there was comforting for sure!

Now I haven’t bought mine yet, but initially anyhow, I would want to be present when the machine is running. Just my concern for safety that I have.

I guess what I am trying to say is safety means something different to everyone.

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