Auto touch plate and 1.4.1

Just got my machine rebuilt following a crash due to a motor short. Using gSender v 1.4.1. Auto zero touch plate, probing for X Y Z, using auto tool. Probe connectivity tests good. Start probe sequence, probes Z looks OK, probes X to the left the moves to the right all OK but probe does not move to center of plate after probing right Z, but after hitting plate on the right side immediately starts probe in Y forward then Y backwards, probe seems to be touching on rounded corners of plate. When finished with Y probe moves diagonally towards left front but stops before exiting the plate and jams tool into plate. Tried probe a number of times sequence is always the same. If I specify the tool i.e 1/4 end mill probe does Z then moves to left on the X axis and stops with error#2. Checked connections and wiring all look good with good continuity. Probe was working prior to rebuild.

gSender 1.4.2 came out a couple of days ago. You can get it here. I have no idea if it will fix your issue but I thought it was worth mentioning.

I had seen that Michael but reading the fixes I saw nothing for touch plate fixes. However the issue may be resolved though I could not explain why. doing the XYZ zero and specifying the tool it would stop and give a #2 error. Looking into that it has something to do with soft limits. I do have limit switches installed but they were turned off in settings. So I reverted settings back to defaults and everything is working correctly again. It seems though the homing and soft limits were off possibly they were still showing as active in eprom. Not sure but thats all I can come up with.

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Glad you got it working Michael!

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