Auto Touch Plate Not touching Y

Hello CNC World.
Having and issue with my auto touch plate (I’m thinking)
Put my material down, loaded my project into gsender, (and here’s where the fun started) while I was using the auto touch plate I noticed when it was touching the inside of the plate, it came up short on the back Y axis and didn’t touch the plate, rebooted my computer, tried changing my endmill ( 3mm & 6mm ) same same. I noticed that my previous sign was at a strange angle on the material (boarders were way off) check and realized that somehow the offset had been clicked, (wasn’t me) unclicked the box and it was after that I noticed the auto touch plate was not touching the back Y axis, can’t for the life of me figure out what’s up. Is it something in the software, control box, or plate itself… hoping this is a quick fix.

I have used my auto touch on materials that were a bit off (not flattened) and have seen no touches happen.
This is due to the z-axis has not much room when moving over the slopes inside the plate. When a bit touches its tip on that slope because the material isn’t level, the zero setting can be bleeped.

Kep an eye out on what the tip is doing.

Yea, it’s hitting the back slope (Y) and that’s what is throwing it out…
Would setting it all manually be an option?

It kind of depends on the project and how accurate you need to be but yes you can zero out the axis manually. I would put a v-bit in to set the X and Y axis by eye. It makes it easier than trying to put the middle of an end mill over X zero for example. So put a v-bit in and set the X and then the Y by eye and then put in the bit that will be used for the carve and use the paper method to set the Z. Lower the bit by like 0.1mm at a time and when you can feel the paper catching on the bit as you try to move it back and forth that’s Z zero.

It’s an option, but that’s not why you have an auto plate. But, I too have pieces I rather not surface and use other means of zeroing in those cases.

At least now you know why and can keep an eye out