Auto zero bit alignment on project

When using the auto zero touch plate - does it center the bit on the corner of your project - meaning the center of your bit is on the corner of the project where 1 half of the bit is not over the corner. i.e 1/4" endmill bit - would 1/8" be over the project corner and 1/8 inch not

Or does it center the entire bit over the project corner i.e 1/4 endmill covers the entire corner of the project

trying to cut my horizontal and verticle fences so trying to find out how this thing zeros so I can set my profile toolpath on the line or inside the line.


I don’t have the auto touch plate just the regular one but it should result in the first scenario that you described. It should be easy enough to double check with a V-bit. If you attach a piece of stock to the spoil board and zero on the lower left corner with the block when you go to zero on each axis you should end up with the point of the bit at the point of the corner.

XY zero will be relative to the spindle/bit center, assuming you set the bit diameter correctly.

thanks guys for your help

I use the auto zero touchplate and always have it set to “auto” unless I’m using a vbit then I use “tip”. It’s always been able to figure out the center of my bit especially if it’s not exactly as advertised. (I had a 1/4” bit that was slightly undersized and it seemed to figure that out pretty well.