Auto zero sensor

Hi everyone so i went to zero my machine and accidentally nicked my touchprove with the but will it through zereonig off by any chance

@Cncbeginner You may want to look at your spell checker. :grinning:

I assume that you mean that when you went to zero your Mill, you nicked the touchplate with the bit. You are asking if that will throw off zeroing. Correct?

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When I first started I witnessed a small battle between a bit and the touch plate. The bit did not survive and the touch plate had a long battle scar. The scar never seems to bother it. Though it might if I allow one of the other bits who didn’t get the message to touch the scar. I now make sure they will not touch it. Times have been peaceful since that battle and they continue to work well together.

This was with the original touch plate. I don’t know about the auto touch plate’s temper.

sorry bout that lol yes thats what im asking

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