Auto zero touch plate issue

I am running the latest version of Gsender and I am faced with a problem never seen before with my auto-zero touch plate.
If I probe for the xyz I get my Z and then the bit moves to the first wall of the plate X and plunges to the bottom of the plate along the left side to give an heavy contact and the probe gets stuck. I then get a warning saying that the system is stuck, a red lock appears on the screen asking me to unlock to be able to get the bit to another height using my mouse.

If I do only the z axis it functions OK.
Did anyone have the same problem and if so, found a solution.

Diving after touching off Z and moving to the left sounds like it’s running the standard block probe routine not the auto-zero.

Double check that you have the correct probe type selected in preferences (and if possible change to standard then back to auto-zero).


If it’s still happening, what options do you have selected in the probe widget - axes and tip type (auto, tip, specific diameter) and we’ll try to recreate it.

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You were absolutely right. After upgrading to the latest version of gsender I did not check all the parameters thinking they would not have changed…my mistake…thank you and problem soilved

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