Autozero Troubles

I am having trouble with the Autozero.

When trying to XYZ zero, the block gets pushed out of the way on the X or Y axis touch. any thoughts? I am using the surfacing bit, I have cleaned it to remove oils, etc. I have cleaned the block.

If it was me, I would not use a surfacing bit to 0xyz. I usually use a 1\4 inch bit. Just my $.02 worth.


@SeanH Sienci does say on its instructions page that you may need to hold the plate in place while probing. Have you tried this?

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Been doing this. I said to heck with it for now.

You have to select AUTO in the drop down where it shows your tool size, the same thing happened to me when I first used it.

I have tried that as well. Still giving me fits. I will try it with a v bit and see what happens.

That sounds like what happened to me after I reset Gsender defaults and forgot to re-select the correct probe plate in the settings…

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