Basic G-Code for Basic Macros?

Where can I find basic g-code to create macros for gSender?
From what I read in other forum posts, and from what little I know about g-code, it’s not standard for all (hence why the need for post-processors), so which g-code “variant” should I search for? any specific website you recommend that’s compatible with gSender?


gSender is for GRBL machines so macros should be able to use any GRBL G-Code and I think the macros support some non G-Code stuff as well.

I found this for GRBL supported G-Codes that seemed to be a good article.

Also check out the resource page for gSender in the macros section. At the end of that section of the gSender docs they mention the library that they use for macros and you’ll probably need to read up on that to know the full extent of what macros can do.

That should get you started. I haven’t really done anything with macros myself but I think I have found the resources needed to learn them.

Thank you _Michael! much appreciated :slight_smile:

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