Best ways to hold down work

I tried the blue painters tape and superglue method and it didn’t work. Also tried using double sided tape and it didn’t work. I’m cutting some paperstone (a recycled paper substrate that cuts similar to corian) and I’m tired of the work not holding and shooting out from the cutter. Aside from using screws or clamps to hold it down, does anyone have any ideas on how to fasten it to the spoilboard temporarily so that I can cut it without it moving?

Think many of us use these clamps. But all depends on the workpiece and what you want to do… if you want to cut outer or inner contour, or if it is a large piece of material with a large contact area (then glue) or if it is a small one…
I usualy screw the workpiece down to the spoilboard if it is possible to drill in a hole on some point (maybe a area which should be cut out later) to cut out the outer contour, and switch to clamps when the inner contour needs to be done.
Or I design some support lands/strips to hold down the piece with the outer material (sure they need to be removed manually afterwards).

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@gtrboy77 Dean: I made some suggestions in the post you put on the other thread. They may help.

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Those clamps are a good idea. The only problem that I have with that is that myself like many others use MDF for the spoilboard. I would be worried that any threaded inserts that I installed in the spoilboard (like the original poster in the link for the clamps) would pull out over time due to repeated use. MDF isn’t the greatest material for that. Any idea on how to do get around that?

@gtrboy77 Dean: I’m too lazy and cheap to go to all the work and expense of inserts. I use T-tracks and several kinds of homemade clamps, along with tape and CA glue, screws and vacuum pods.

If I were to go with some kind of threaded inserts, I would use T-nuts instead of screw in inserts, for the reasons you mention.

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T Nuts work great, My next waste board will incorporate T-Tracks, what I have works great for 99% of my work, hate glue, hate tape, can’t afford a vacuum table so just do what I have.

One can design tool paths to avoid clamping mechanism, lots of ways to skin this cat.