Birdhouse in Cedar now complete

Apart from a coat of exterior matt varnish, this birdhouse is now complete. Cedar wood milled with my SO3, Carveco Maker and gSender. Engraved with LightBurn and my JTech 4.2W blue diode laser. Just pix to show. gSender behaved faultlessly and I am really happy to be using it.

The detail in these feathers is impressive, IMO.

The underside of the base shows the feathers at about half the size used inside the base.

The entrance for the birds is a 32mm hole carved by using helical milling.

The back opposite the entrance panel.

The roof of the structure

The underside of the roof showing two simple stops to stop the roof sliding. The weight of the roof should hold it on (the whole plot weighs 2kg).

Side one

Side two

Comments welcome.


Very well done, Jeffrey! I especially like the laser work.


Thanks for your kind comments, Grant. I have just about got to a point where I can wring the best detail out of the laser engraving without any need to overdrive it. The images were all burned with Jarvis dithering in Lightburn. The laser was set to 25% power and moved at 1000mm (39.37") per minute. No cleaning up of the images was required and no scorching of edges or smoke damage on the images is evident.

Love it! Very well done.

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Thank you, @MikeH. Your kind comment is appreciated.

Great idea, very nice project!

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Thank you @Andy1. It helps to know that the project appeals to other people.

Nice Job, I was looking of an example of a birdhouse, and really like it as well as appreciate sharing of your pics

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Thank you @gphawk. I am glad you like it. Your kind words are much appreciated. Welcome to the Sienci forum. It is nice to have you here. I hope you find all that you need. :smiley: