Bit has gone wild

Hi there! Have been having trouble with the green and sliver Makita router on our Longmill. The bit seems to keep on falling out of the adapter even though it tight before it starts cutting. Everything else is nice a tight (the router itself). When it starts cutting sparks start to fly because the bit is stuck in the birch plywood and the bit grinds against the adapter. Not really sure where to go from here. Any suggestions or guidance would be very appreciated.
Here are some pictures to help understand it a bit better:

@ControlledChaos Welcome to the group, Isabelle. I love your handle. :grinning: Let’s start with the simple stuff. Make sure that the adapter is inserted all the way into the stock 1/4" collet and that it is inserted so that the slotted end is “down”, that is, against the collet nut end.

If that is all good, can you tell us if you are having any issues using only the stock 1/4" collet?

Just be sure to insert the collet the right way and deep enough into the router, i had this issue with a collet i bought on amazon and using metric bits that was just a bit smaller than 1/8 (3mm instead of 3.175) and this collet was not holding the metric bit i did handchek and it seems ok but overtime the bit was slipping. I bought a new collet from sienci store and this never happened again . Sometime amazon are selling bits that are supposed to be 1/8 compatible but it is not always the just make sure you are using imperial bits.

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@ControlledChaos, another option is to buy a 1/8" Collet for the router, Amazon sells them, it is slightly more time consuming versus just using the 1/4" to 1/8" adapter but it holds perfect. BTW Welcome!

@ControlledChaos Were you able to resolve your problem, Isabelle?

Seemed to be the collet that was the problem. Thanks everyone for your suggestions :slight_smile: