Bluetooth controller

I got an inexpensive game controller (Bluetooth). I’ve been into shortcuts and added the gamepad profile. set up a few keys and I’ve had it working, but it only works for 3 or 4 keystrokes, then drops out. Any ideas? am I on fool’s errand with Bluetooth? Should I invest in a Logitech F710 wireless? I was trying to do it with usb dongle, I only have one usb port, which, I need to the Longmill cable. If I switch to USB and get a USB splitter, will I have issues with Longmill interference. Thanks

IDK about fool’s errand, but a USB hub can fix the “one usb port” issue.

So, because I’m not up on all this stuff the bottom line is, can I run multiple devices on a powered hub?

Lets say I plug in my LongMill, mouse, and jump drive in to a powered hub will it allow all 3 to work at the same time? If I can does anyone have a recommendation?

My little laptop that I control my LongMill with only has one USB as well. I use this hub, from Amazon, and it has worked without any problems. Note that it doesn’t support charging but I didn’t need charging, just data. Does ‘jump drive’ equal ‘thumb drive’? This one doesn’t have external power but it can run my mill, a mouse, and a thumb drive at the same time. You might need a powered one if you plan on using things that need more power.

EDIT: Looking around a bit and something like this is better, more power and charging, for not much more money.

Thanks for the feedback. Off to “A” to do some shopping…