Box exercise frustration

Good day all n Happy Easter. Not on here much. I am making a small box that has a recessed inner lip to receive the matching top that will have corresponding tongue. This of course has to be precise but not exactly same size as receiving grove. I just cannot get a good tight fit. The fit is either very loose or slightly oversize. Am using Pocket toolpath but have tried Profile too. In pocket i have put in both positive and negative pocket allowances. I believe i am on my 15th try lol. I am using VCarve Pro, 1/4 upcut end mill.

Any suggestions.

@ItsSmee I am unclear on the design of your box. Do you have a pic, or even the.crv file?

@ItsSmee Scott, I think I understand your issue. I have had the same problem trying to make small ring boxes. My issue was just the opposite, they were always too tight no matter the adjustment. The hole for the magnets always came out perfect but not the lid and box. Only thought I can come up with is to measure your bits to ensure they are, in fact, 1/4". Bits are not always exact.


Thank you kindly.
That measuring the bit is about the only thing i have not tried lol. My outher pocket for the cavity is bang on, using the same endmill.

Box 7in x 5in,

@ItsSmee Did you resolve your problem, Scott?

Good morning.
Thank you for reaching out yet again. Yes i got it sorted out. I watched a tutorial, followed along and cut a near perfect little box. Even did my first two sided carve on same box. This is still basic stuff though but I am happy to have progressed.

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As the original issue is resolved, Iā€™m closing this thread.

My thanks to @Heyward43 for his input and help.

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