Broken V Wheels, now what?

Has anyone McGuyvered something together for a broken v wheel before in a pinch? I’m using a laser on the longmill, so tramming correctly isn’t going to be as crucial.

I have my longmill mk1 on a rolling cart that folds up vertically for storage. When I pulled out the machine today, I noticed two of the delrin v wheels were broken - one on each side of the X gantry. I need to run a job tomorrow, but I don’t have any spare wheels.

The top-rear wheel on each side of the X gantry failed. I’m going ti try swapping the broken wheels with the front-left and rear-right wheels so there’s support on top. If that doesn’t work, I could try to turn some wheels on the lathe, but that’s not ideal and I won’t have the time for that, either. Time crunch for a project, so of course this happened.

Shot in the dark, but any ideas aside from ordering replacement wheels and waiting for them to get here?

Hi Cerebus,

Not familiar with the MK1 but maybe yoiu can make a slide out of wood to fit the rail the wheel runs on and switch the lower wheels on the y-axis out to use on the x-axis.

The y-axis will move way less then the x so it might just give enough support to slide out your project?

Possibly. I’ll try that.

Can to that for now but can have parts shipped from the store fairly quick. As them to rush them.