Building a table question

Is it ok to use plywood or should I use MDF?

Flat and rigid is what’s important. The material itself is up to you. There are grades of plywood out there that are flat enough.


@Malcrom Welcome to the group, Troy. As you can see from @Stairguy/Jeremy’s reply, you can expect lots of good support from the members here.

I second Jeremy’s opinion when it comes to the table top itself. If you can find good, flat plywood, it will work fine. For the spoilboard, though, I would stick with MDF. You will be flattening it at the outset and surfacing it from time to time after that. Plywood does not lend itself to shaving layers off of it.


Thanks. I though I’d ask incase there was a reason I keep seeing MDF for the table and not plywood. I got Yes I will get MDF for spoilboard :).

Are these a good idea

@Malcrom If you don’t need to move your table and you have access to all four sides, they can’t hurt. Mine has to be on wheels, owing to space issues.


I have space issues too but level floor issues mostly.


You will need to shim your table up then.

One way of doing this is going to your hardware store and buying some threaded inserts to stick in the base of your table around the 4 corners. Get a threaded rod to go along with it and fasten it into a foot for you table.

You can use the threaded rod to thread in the bottom of the table a few inches if needed and then turn it to back the rod out or further in to adjust height. To keep it in place use 2 nuts together to tighten them in their place at at the top of the rod by the base of the table. This should help level things without needing to use shims but takes some more work.

As far as space issues you could alternatively vertically mount the router. It’s showcased on the Scienci website as something you can do as well. But otherwise you’re going to need about a 4’ x 4’ area.

Leveling feet or legs whatever
Adjust for crazy sloped basement floor

I used 1/2 inch sanded 1 side then 3/4 inch mdf on top