Call for Software Testers!

Hello Everyone :grin:

There has been movement in our software development space.

As you know, CAMLab (a CAM generation software for 3D models made by myself and based on Kiri:Moto) has been a passion project of our company to try to get a more beginner-friendly 3D CAM software out there for anyone to use. I’ve envisioned this as a great alternative to the far more complicated 3D CAM programs such as Fusion 360, PathCAM, MeshCAM, and others.

In an effort to continue to improve the feature set and usability of CAMLab, I’ve been in good communication with Stewart (the primary developer of Kiri:Moto) for some time now and as a result there have been some great new features to emerge in Kiri:Moto which will be pushed to CAMLab as well in the coming months.

He’s been hard at work and in pushing out new features at an explosive rate (you can see his progress here: Kiri:Moto Users Group) I was wondering if there was any one of you who is already using Kiri or CAMLab, or are interested in giving them a try, who would be willing to provide a hand at evaluating the new features and reporting any bugs. Our crack team can even have a team name and a slogan :wink::wink:

These are some of the new features which could use some feedback:

  • New help window
  • Free layout’ and ‘auto layout’ control (explained better here: Kiri:Moto Origin and Stock Controls - YouTube)
  • Stock size as an offset
  • New origin visualization and generation, especially applied to stock and multiple 3D objects
  • New metric/ imperial unit implementations across the board
  • New tapered tools option (v-bits)
  • More customizable cutout tabs (number and placement)

So yeah, anyone game?

This post will be used as a discussion thread of anyone’s findings or feedback :+1:


I’m in! Fusion in particular can take some time to configure in the CAM side so Camlab/Kirimoto certainly speeds things up.


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What are the system requirements? Is this java-based, web-based, other? What platforms can be used?


I’m down for helping on this.

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I’m in also! Whatever I can do to help, make my life easier and have better results!


It’s web-based for now, but will be implemented for cross-platform use later down the road. So if you’d like to give it a try and provide feedback on how it goes, you can access the software here: :slightly_smiling_face:

Please count me in. Can’t pass up the chance to help make CamLab even better.

First findings, a few bugs (or they might just be my lack of knowledge on this tool). I’m using Windows 10 64 bit with Google Chrome version 80.0.3987.132:

  1. My first issue with this interface is the lack of scrollbars for the menus. Right now, I have my zoom level set to 50% in order for both the left and the right hand side menus to fully fit in my screen. Adding some scrollbars for the menus would solve this issue.
  2. My second issue is that even though I have the units set to mm at the bottom of the left hand side menu, all of the measurements seem to be in inches in the right hand menu. I’ve set my stock size to 235 mmX185 mmX19 mm (MillOne size) but the grey shaded area that is drawn is way bigger than the grid surface.

Nice feedback :+1: I let Stewart know. He’s joined the forum now so he’ll be able to see any other input you guys have @stewart

I’m looking at better ways to handle the scrolling. Do you have a mouse wheel? And if so, does it now work to scroll the left/right panels?

The imperial unit support is new and likely has some bugs.

The wheel works on the right hand side but doesn’t seem to do anything on the left hand side. The toolbar on the left hand side almosts completely fits so that might be the reason. Another idea would be to allow us to collapse/expand the different sections of the toolbar. Do you use some sort of bug/improvement tracking system where you would like us to enter these or is this forum ok?

The scrolling works great on the right, not on the left. The menus on the right are very well organized. The UNITS display on the bottom left is now on top so you can read it. The whole display and menus look great.

When set to inches the imported STL is tiny. A 6" file looks to be about 1/25 scale. The imperial tool selections and settings seem to work correctly. The stock size readout at the bottom is also about 25 (25.4?) times higher. Maybe in both cases the mm-to-in calc is off.

you know, I never tested import with units in “in”. always used parts I already had imported … so that’s a fix coming soon. thanks.

the only way I can make the left menu behave like the one on the right is to extend it to the bottom of the browser window. this opens up a can of worms that dates back to the origins of CSS that still haven’t been fixed. suffice it to say “noted”. I will revisit it again.

my logitech trackball works great, wouldn’t be without it

Happy to take part in the project

I am willing to do a test if you still require people i am familiar with mastercam edgecam 3d milling and turning.

That would be great Tristan! Give it a look around and post back here if you have any feedback :+1:

I’d be interested in giving it a crack. I started doing all the tutorials on fusion360 and then they changed the layout after an update and the tutorials didn’t match. Working in a primary school a basic easy program would be great for the students to have an introduction into 3D programming. We currently have two 3D printers and a CNC machine plus we are beginning weekly STEM classes this year.

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I would Chris but I am so busy its crazy.

@stewart This might be another one of those “I’m new to this software and don’t know how to use it question” but I can see that we can enable/disable most sections in the right toolbar like ROUGHING, DRILLING, CUT OUT TABS, etc, but how can I disable FINISHING? For example, if I only want to do the ROUGHING?

Thanks once again for your help and time!