Call for Software Testers!

@Silverfox I’ve highlighted in red the checkboxes that enable/disable different steps in the processing / gcode generation. this example would do roughing only.

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There’s been some more movement by Stewart in the last weeks, here are some new features that could really use some verification and bug checking if needed:

We’re interested in hearing what you guys have to say about these features, on top of the ones mentioned in the original posting and anything else you can think of. How are you finding the usability? The feature-set? The work-flow?

If you want a complete newbie point of view I’m your man. I’ve never used any CNC before and only know Adobe products. I’m only familiar with 2D layout software so this will be a challenge for me.

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Sounds good @hushcaraudio! Have at it and let me know how you find it :wink:

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Still looking for testers?

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Now that there’s been a reasonable passing of time: any notes that you’ve taken, issues you’ve noticed, suggestions on expansion, etc. can be either posted here or sent straight to my inbox at

Thanks guys :+1:

I am willing to help

Great @RCTeach14 :slight_smile:

I’d recommend looking over the new features we’re looking to have tested (mentioned earlier in the thread), and you can also see some of the demo videos that Stewart has posted which give a better idea on how some of these new features are meant to work:

If you have any notes on bugs, snags, or requests then you can post them here or email your thoughts to me directly

I don’t have a machine yet but I will give this a try.

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