Camera type to use

Stupid question but what kind of camera do I need to use in ugs to monitor my work

@Dudley4166 Welcome to the group, Robert. Do you want to control the movement of the camera using gcode and UGS? Or do you simply want a camera mounted somewhere in your shop so that you can watch the progress of your project remotely?

I want to use through ugs and then also have one to monitor remotely

@Dudley4166 I have no idea how to use a camera with UGS. UGS needs gcode to run, so I can’t understand the concept or to what use it could be put.

As for monitoring, I use a security camera, but others have used baby monitors. My camera is on my home network and I can watch the Mill working from a browser on my home office PC.

Yeah that sounds like the easiest thing to do. Thanks

@Dudley4166 You may want to look at the camera functions of Lightburn to see if they will do what you want to do with UGS. I had forgotten about that function of LB. It’s not something that I have ever used, so can’t help you with it. I’m sure that you will find info on the LB forum, though.

Thank you. I think I’m going to go with the Wi-Fi camera you mentioned. I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t think about that. I had seen in a video about camera use in ugs and was wondering about that and didn’t think of the easier solution

@Dudley4166 No need to be embarrassed,Robert. Cameras can be used for both functions, just not using UGS. I read a bit on the LB forum and still don’t quite understand the benefit other than you can use a camera to sort of “map out” where your laser will burn. I thought maybe you were trying to do the same thing with your router.

Have fund.

I was looking into this as well and I did find an interesting website IRIUN.COM that allows you to use your phone’s camera as a webcam - as long as your phone and PC are on the same network.

The phone camera becomes another webcam selection in apps like Teams, Zoom and probably UGS as well - as long as the camera plugin is installed in UGS.

Not sure how useful a cell phone as a web cam would be for CNC application other than moveable to any location, but I did find it interesting! Probably a YouTube video on IRIUN as well.

Interesting. I might check them out to see what other things will work with that

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I have a couple of these Reolink 5MP Super HD Plug-in WiFi Camera with Pan Tilt Zoom. 2.4G and 5G.
One of them is aimed at the Longmill. Works really well so far. Pan, tilt, zoom and audio so if things go south you can hear it too. Just have to dust the lens every day. And it looks like they are on sale on Amazon.

I have a Wyze cam setup on my cnc for remote viewing—you can flash it so it displays inside cncjs but I found the app to be the most useful as I can check on the machine from anywhere. Simple setup, magnetic base, and around $40. Only on Amazon in Canada at the moment…

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I’m in the U.S and we have them. I was considering getting the wyze .I might still. I have a cheap one going right now

Home Depot carries the cameras in Canada now, too