Can i change X Y Zero back left to be default?

Disaster happened today :anguished: , can i change the default XY corner to be as shown in the image bellow?

i forgot to change the corner where i wanted to Zero , to be fair i always zero in that one, so can i make it somehow permanent?
also, i feel like the probe goes wayyyy to deep after it found Z , can i change how far down the Z goes after it found Z height, for X Y ? sometimes the material is for example just 5mm in thickness and the Z goes about 10mm deep

rip probe

Not sure if this is your problem. In settings, go to Safety and see what your height is set to. I set mine to 0 to stop it plunging down and burying the bit in the job or spoil board when homing.

nope, that is not what i asked

OK. So is it when you try to set Z height, instead of the probe touching and lifting it continues down?

no, when doing X Y Z probe to find corner, after the probe has found the Z, it goes to find X and then Y, now the machine has to go under the found Z height in order to find X Y, that is too deep and i would like to be able to set it manually based on how much my material has in Z thickness

Did you set your Z thickness under probe settings?

i actually set those two values to 0 both. the reason being is that iā€™m using the material itself not a touch plate

In that case, you can write your own macro to do XYZ or probe each axis separately.

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i see.
only if i could find a tutorial on how to do that :smiling_face_with_tear: