Can I power a Pi from the longmill board?

Like the title says, I’m poking around looking for a convenient way to power my raspberry pi. I’ve got a stash of buck converters, so I’m wondering if I could tap into the longmill power supply.


I believe Chris said there is a continuous 12V on the Longboard for fans/laser/acc. You could buck down to 5v and run your Rpi from that.

I was thinking of tapping off of the main 24v input before the switch. Is there any kind of schematics out there for the LongMill electronics package?

I’m assuming the power supply is beefy enough to handle the extra ~3amps at 5 volts.

Speaking of that, though, does anyone know what the amp draw is of the LongMill itself? I’ve been assuming its pretty low.

I would not assume that at all. A board like that would be designed to handle the power the steppers and ardinos need. I doubt very much there is much more left over other than that 5 amp power spot.

I guess I’ll hold off until the guys who know for sure chime in.

Ya I would hate to see you blow it up LOL I know you wouldn’t do that without hearing from them. Better safe than sorry right?

The 12V output is just for if you want to add a fan, something with pretty low draw. I would not recommend using it if you need more than a few hundred milliamps.