Can not download to my chrome book

Good day all. Well I have my MK2 all put together but I can not down load the gsender on to my chrome book. I have LINUX on the chrome book but cannot find anywhere to down load to the chrome book. All of my firmware and the version is up to date.
Version 124.0.6367.154
I do not know what to do. Just fyi that I am not a computer whiz


Hey @Ontariobud,

Welcome aboard! You can access several Linux versions of gSender HERE. Depending on if you are running Intel or Arm, there are a couple choices for you to match up to your system. You can give these a try, but they may not work for your setup, and Chromebook is not officially supported.

Check out this thread where @chrismakesstuff and Nick Nalbone chat about having success.

From our short section on Chromebook installs:


You can run gSender by using Linux inside of ChromeOS. Setup Linux on your Chromebook with these instructions. Download the .appimage file from the latest release of gSender and double click to launch. You will need to have the g-code files you want to carve in the same folder too.

Hope this helps!


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