Cannot Use Jog Buttons

Hi! I was using gSender on a Genmitsu 4030 V2 without any issues and loved it. However, I recently installed extension rails thereby changing the bed size from 400x300 to 600x600 and swapped out the small spindle for a Makita router.

Now, for some reason that I haven’t been able to track down, the jogging and preset buttons are greyed out.

Everything else seems to be working fine including the home and endstop buttons and I can move the router via these button with no problem.

I have also tried both the Sainsmart and Generic machine profiles.

Not sure why or how the rails and router changes would have affected this, and worse, how to correct it.

Any help and/or suggestions regarding would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Oh, and I should have mentioned that it works as it should when I use Universal Gcode Sender (UGS)

@TedM What version of gSender are you having the issue with? Is it set to grbl and not grbl Hal?

gSender shows version is 1.4.0 and GRBL -1.1h

I have not changed these setting since the machine upgrade. In fact, the only setting I changed in gSender was to accommodate the new larger bed size and not being able to use the jog buttons was already happening.

I should also add that I made the mistake in my original post that the buttons were greyed out, they are NOT. They are blue and look like they are clickable but they are not. When hovering over them the cursor changes to click mode but nothing happens when I click. I can change the Rapid, Normal and Precise buttons. Sorry for any confusion.


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@TedM You may want to upgrade to 1.4.3 to see if that addresses the issue.

Oh? I didn’t realize there was an upgrade. I will try it! Thanks.

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Duh! That did it! It never even crossed my mind to even reinstall the software. Thinking too much I guess. Sorry for wasting your time, I should have had that. Thanks so much. On to making!

@TedM I’m glad that it worked. I’ve closed the topic as resolved. Just to be clear, an upgrade will not always address the issue at hand. Have fun. Be sure to post pics of your projects.