Can't find the source code in Gsender

I’m trying to use the “cut from feature” in Gsender. in order to do that, one needs to know what line you must start the machine at. I can not find anything in the program that shows the lines of the Gcode of the file I’m using. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Have you read this, go to the bottom of the page

I am quite familiar with that page. Have studied it several times. I know how to start my carve at any location by putting in the corresponding line number. There is just one problem. No line numbers are showing for my code. That’s because my code does not show up anywhere in the program! What I had to do, was open the file in UGS and used UGS’s source page to look up the line I wanted, and then made note of the line number. Everything worked great after that.

Apologies, had to ask
Quite right, unfortunately no proper g-code editor within gSender as you know. I use Notepad ++
NC Corrector .

Thanks. Now I know. Just loaded notepad. Just what I needed. Only problem was, that it is not friendly with a Mac!

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Ok , well you might like NC viewer (web Based)


I’ll be using NC viewer. I like it!