Can't home / or enable soft limits

I’m not sure what changed but for some reason…now when I try to home I get an alarm triggered (click to unlock machine). I can’t enable soft limits in the firmware tool…I click the slider and it does nothing except enable the “Apply New Settings” which clicking does nothing.

This was all working prior but I used gsender with a different printer and I changed some wiring on the machine so I’m not really sure what is going on.

I’m running 1.4.4 on windows 11. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Just to provide more information. When I first tried to use the cnc after the changes, the safety switches triggered (alarm) on the z+x but not y. Now they are not triggering for any axis. However they do trigger when I try to home.

Can you be a bit more specific in what alarm you are getting when trying to home?

If the machine is jogged away from all 3 limit switches, what does the calibrate tool show for which pins are enabled?


Try jogging/enabling the switches one axis at a time - do any of them not report “On” when they should be? Specifically to you second point, is the Y switch the problematic one?

I apologize. I’m not sure how to describe the alarm any more specifically. Here is a screenshot :

In the calibrate tool I confirmed all pins show off when not engaged. I then tested all switches manually (each axis has two sides) and they all triggered “On” as expected.

Well, the alarm # helps. In this case, alarm 8 is the following:

Homing fail. Pull off travel failed to clear limit switch. Try increasing pull-off setting or check wiring. Streaming has been paused.

Which means that after triggering the switch while homing, the configured pulloff distance isn’t enough to disable the switch.

I’d look at adjusting $27 in EEPROM (homing pull off distance) to a slightly larger number and see if that helps.

It might also still just be a wiring issue since you said you were playing around with that - but I’d start with adjusting the pull off.

@KGN : Thanks so much for your help. I will adjust and monitor.