Can't Jog Machine

I need help. I just assembled my machine and hooked it up to my laptop running Windows 10 Pro, UGS and GSender. Both senders see the machine on com 4 but I can’t get either one to jog on any axis. Using GSender It did jog about a 1 inch z- but then nothing. I have reinstalled, rebooted, etc. In UGS I get this error message - (error:15) Jog target exceeds machine travel. Jog command has been ignored. Streaming has been paused. I am pretty tech savvy but I don’t know what else to try. I am afraid after waiting 6 weeks I may have gotten a bad board.

@airmorris - Brian, what are jog settings, feed and speed?

I have tried extreme of 500 im to 1 im but just instantly errors out.

There are several possiblilites. 1. Arduino board has vibrated loose in controller (you will have to open box and reseat Arguino). 2. GRBL needs reloading (See Sienci forum for reloading instructions). 3. Settings incorrect in GRBL (again this info is available in forum resources). Check those first. In UGS or gSender issue $$ command and compare the parameters with Sienci resource information.

Thanks, it was number 3. The settings were no where close to what they should have been. Now I can make some wood chips tomorrow.


@airmorris - Glad to hear it was something simple. Need any more help just ask. See how easy that was! At least this time, lol.