Changed COM Port and nothing anymore

I had to change the com port from 4 to7 as I found a comport conflict with my other laser cnc that uses USB-CH340 (com 4) and com 4 was open also which I think gSender was using… I was having same issues with Lightburn laser, so by changing gSender comport to 6, then 7 corrected the laser functions with LB.
Now my LM 30x30 with gSender does the same thing, connects BUT no XYZ physical movement except on screen. Stepper motors are warm.
WHen I connect to LM, there is a faint thump which used to be a louder thump on connection.
I have rebooted several times, flash the GRBL and still nothing… I corrected one problem only to create the same problem on the LM
Frustrated extreme (all my aspire files where ran some ware hacked, last Jan and now have restored everything except the aspire files…lol go figure) Its been a while since carving!!!

Also COM 7 set to 115000 8, N,1, None

@astro4000 Alex, If this isn’t actually answering your question, disregard the ponderings of an old LM user…

If you are trying to run gSender and Lightburn at the same time, they both would try to use the same COM port your machine is connected to. You can’t run two programs controlling the same port. One or both will not connect.

Changing gSender to a different port will disconnect gSender from the LM, but allow Lightburn to work. If you had changed Lightburn to a differnt port, gSender will connect but Lightburn would not.

If you have multiple machines using different ports, that may be a different situation and not quite sure how that works, it may be fine as long as each piece of software is configured correctly. Someone with a better understanding can chime in about that.

When I had my mill, I designed in V-Carve Desktop, then loaded an SVG into Lightburn and used Lightburn to carve the file. I did not use gSender for my Sienci LaserBeam. I love how Lightburn functions as the laser control program and love how gSender functions for CNC control, but you can’t run both at the same time.

I agree that both cannot use the same com port… that is a conflict. So I have pulled the usb cable from the LB machine and changes the com port setting to COM 7 for the LM gSender. Nothing goes.
I noticed yesterday while correct the LB issues I was able to move X&Y on the LongMill which clued me into a port conflict. Since then I can’t make the LM XYZ move even on a different com port 7.

Update: Changed back to com 4 and other machine usb pulled. gSender connects ok. I have somehow stumbled to get it to jog. At the price of cracking the X soft limit sensor bracket since it would not stop.

NOW the real question is that I want to change it back to COM (anything but1,2,3 or 4) - 6 or 7 to be on safe side.
This way I can leave the Lightburn machine connected (don’t ever need to run both machines)
I do wish to add the LongMill laser so I can eliminate my current 15Watt laser and have more room in the garage.

If I change the USB Advanced settings to COM4 to COM 6 or 7. Will it work or will I have a major crash of everything on the LM again (lol :disappointed_relieved:)

Not sure on the answer here, or maybe just not understanding the question. Perhaps someone with a little more COM port knowledge can help out. If all else fails, you can always ask Sienci Support and they may be able to help.

@astro4000 @stevendq I am a bit confused concerning your setup, Alex.

If I understand correctly, you have the Long Mill and a separate CNC laser, both connected to the same PC through USB. Is this correct?

Are you running Windows on this PC?

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Yes 2 separate machines, Lenovo PC ThinkCentre SFF Windows 10 .One PC
The laser uses USB CH340 (Com4)

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I JB Welded the prox sensor X bracket, should be good to go tomorrow.
THe internal plastic is quite web like inside almost honeycomb, not solid plastic.

Normal for 3D printed items.

@astro4000 Am I correct that you have resolved your COM port issue?

Not sure… I want to change the LM which is set to COM4 to COM7 or COM5. Will I lose all my settings such as jogging as I have in previous attempts. It should be a no brainer to change the port number in advanced while connected to LM?
I never had issues before even if both machines have the usb connected COM4 & CH340(COM4).
I never ever ran both at the same time as I don’t need to
WIN10 updates must be the culprits… you never know what surprise to expect

So is the LM controller board fixed to work on COM4 only or will it accept what ever available comport number is available or can I assign the controller the port number I want it to be???

@astro4000 I’m still not sure that I understand what you are trying to do, Alex.

I can say this. The LM controller is not fixed to Com4. Windows assigns the com port number to the USB connection. The LM controller does not. All gSender does is see the com port windows has assigned and connects to that port. You cannot simply set gS to another port. I don’t know anything about your laser, but I would guess that the same holds true for its connection. Windows will assign a com port number to the USB connection of your laser.

If I am missing the point, maybe someone else will see it.

Problem resolved.
I isolated the LM COM port using device mgr, Ports (COM&LPT), select the com port connected to the LM (while other cnc is not plugged in) select Port settings tab then ADVANCED, change COM port number to COM5) OK OK out… done. Now LM is 5 and LB is CH340 (COM4) with both plugged in.
The key when connecting to LM with gS, is to have it NOT automatic and connect manually to COM5.
Both cnc’s can be connected at same time that way with no conflicts.
I never run both at the same time… fire and dust is not a good mix !

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@astro4000 I’m glad that you are back up and running, Alex.

As the original issue has been addressed, I’m closing this topic. If anyone else has a similar concern, feel free to start a new topic, which will ensure that it is addressed promptly.