Changing speeds

I’ve been running a job using a 1/4" bit with two different feeds and speeds. The job pauses after the first F&S and when the “Resume” button is pressed, the cut continues but at the same speed. I have to stop the job and resume from the current line (which is ahead of where the bit has stopped) to get the new (faster) speed.

The app seems to display the correct speed, but doesn’t actually move the router at the proper speed until after the job has been restarted.

Here is the gcode i’ve been using if you want to replicate the issue: (27.2 KB)

@ryanprice Welcome back, Ryan

I’m a bit confused by your explanation. In that gcode, there are only 2 feed rates. 203.2 for your Z moves and 508 for your X and Y moves. Is this what you are expecting? From your description, I figured that you were expecting a different feed rate for X and Y at some point.

Apologies, @gwilki, I swore I had different x/y speeds for the pocket and contour cuts. Regardless, the issue of the feed changing on restart remains…

If I don’t stop and restart the cut, the contour takes in the ballpark of 15 minutes. If I stop and restart from the current line the cut takes dramatically less (~5 minutes)

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This should be fixed in the next release - movement modal will also be sent in the preamble when using the Start From Line feature.