Chess pieces on Vortex with SLB

Just getting started with the Vortex, but I am happy with how they are progressing. Kings and queens done in cherry, mesquite, maple, and walnut. Ready to start bishops next.


Much sanding ahead of me.

@mhforbes Tks much for posting these, Morris. Well done!

Those are fantastic! I have the Vortex on my wanted list… I have a few projects I want to focus on first though!

I am very interested in your process. I just purchased the vortex and have chess pieces on my list of items to make.


It took some doing to get started with the Vortex because I had just added the SLB. Some changes occurred to settings which caused issues, but the earlier thread addressed that in detail. So if you have the SLB, keep this in mind.

Otherwise, my process is pretty much what the Sienci folks posted as a first project:

I did use larger stock and made a roughing pass with a quarter inch end mill, followed by a finish pass with this tapered end mill:

Lessons learned:
1) test in cheap wood, pine works well
2) if you use the gSender’s stock turning tool, don’t go too deep at any one pass. The tool will try to cut as deeply as you tell it, which may turn out to be hard on the bit (don’t ask).
3) don’t be afraid to ask for help. The folks on this site and in the labs love to help, and really are quite good.
4) check you settings every chance you get, especially if something interrupts a process or during a bit change. Having a “low Z” will really mess you up!


Thank you. I will give this a go.

New lesson learned - I had gSender taking too big a bite while rotary surfacing some mesquite, and the router jammed. This threw off Z and X, which I found obvious. Resetting everything, I ended up with a off center cut for my next pass. What I had not expected (but should have) is that one of my Y axis positions got moved, so I ended up resetting that and everything cleared up on my next make. Picture of the failure attached.

@mhforbes Tks very much for posting a “failure”, Morris. More of a learning experience, really. :grinning:

Could you please go over the settings with me for the SLB, I’m not usually an idiot with this stuff but I can’t get the 4th axis to work and the Y to not work. Email or Facebook group, however you can please, or Zoom. Thanks Larry Robinson (Graham Tx.)