Chromebook for longmill

Anyone using a chromebook or thought about using one? Looking for an inexpensive computer to design and run the longmill. I would like to use Fusion360 for cad and cam. Any advice is welcomed

I would probably not recommend using a Chromebook, since there may be other programs you might want to run on it later on that can only run on Windows or Mac.

If you just need a standalone computer to be able to send G-code, there does exist a Chrome extension ( but I have tested it with the latest version of GRBL and it does not work well with v1.1 based GRBL which is what LongMill is running on.

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I started down that rabbit hole only to discover that a Chromebook wasn’t compatible with the latest ugsplatform so I shied away. I then downloaded a plethora of versions of ugs trying to find one that worked on a couple of older laptops that I’d been using as door stops in the hope that they might actually prove useful…unfortunately that was not to be the case. (now being used as canoe anchors) So in the end I picked up a refurbed lenovo ideapad running win 10 s which now is win 10 which runs the ugs 1.1 and all is good and it works!! Yippee! So after much to-ing and fro-ing my Longmill is making stuff which is way Kool!!!

I don’t think chrome book is a full windows machine. Its a lite more like an EEEE Reader. They won’t work at all.

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Thank you. That helps a lot

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