Chromebook question

Greetings. I am newbie so I apologize if this question has been previously asked but I was planning on using Easel for my software starting off and I have a chromebook that I want to use. Will I be able to run Easel and hook my Chromebook up to the Longmill and be ok? Or do I need to go out and buy a new laptop that has windows on it? I am just trying to keep my cost down and hopefully use my chromebook and avoid buying a laptop. Thanks for your help, Iā€™m sure this wont be my last post needing advice.

Darren, looks like no, from the Easel website, " Chromebooks are not supported and will not be able to directly connect a machine to Easel. Easel can also run on almost any operating system that supports the browsers listed above for opening and working with projects when connecting to the machine is not required",the%20machine%20is%20not%20required.

I run used/refurbished Windows Laptops, I just bought one an HP Windows 11, fast i7, 16gb ram, 512 GB SSD for a little over $200. The last one went three years befor needing another.

Bill, thanks so much, I really appreciate it. I had a feeling I would end needing to buy a laptop so I will start planning for that. Thanks for the quick feedback.

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