Cnc beginner help needed

Good afternoon,

I’m new to cnc and having a hard time getting it up and running. I’m using universal g sender and when I upload my project the spindle is air cutting. Not sure if settings correct as I’m new to this.

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@Rshaw1993 Welcome to the group, Sharon. You are using UGS as your sender, but what are you using as your CAD/CAM software? How are you setting your Z0 in UGS?

Hi @gwilki and thank you for responding. I’m using Easel and z is set at zero. Unless I’m looking at it incorrectly

@Rshaw1993 In UGS, how are you setting Z0? Are you using the Sienci touchplate?

@gwilki no I’m using the paper method

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OK, so in UGS you move the bit to where you want X0Y0 to be - left front corner, centre of the piece, etc. Then, you lower the bit to your paper. Then you click on reset zero, yes? When you do this, make sure all the axes in the controller state window read 0.

Oh, I just thought. Make sure that your Z axis is not bottomed out. If you have your router high in the clamp, the bit may be at the end of its travel before it can cut. Not likely, but possible.


@gwilki Thank you so much! I’m going to follow your instructions tonight and let you know tomorrow.

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