CNC do not move using Outline

Using gSender 1.1.7 and gSender-edge 1.2.4 with latest FluidNC v3.6.8

I load file and can see the tool paths. When I click on Outline a message box appear : Generating outline for current file. No move on the cnc though. The cnc can be jogged without issue.

Any suggestion?

Hello Mitch,

if you have not already done so go here

Choose the Windows CP210x Universal windows driver which is the first one on the list

and try again . This will work for gSender 1.1.7 ; In the console issue a $Bye and a correct response will be given.

In my case, I have a PrintNC machine as well as my Longmill. I can use both machines with gSender 1.1.7:
however gSender Edge 1.2.4 will only work with my Longmill