Cnc no more working

I try to use my cnc today and It’s not working at all. I turn on my powerbar and the controller. Usually I heard axis-motor noise for 1 second when I turn it on but today I don’t heard something. I can see 4 red lights on in the controller. I checked all connectors. Everything look good.

I can’t connect the cnc with ugs and cncjs. It still offline. Last week all working fine

Any idea?

@GuillC If you are running with a windows pc, go into device manager and see what com port your Mill is on. Then go into either ugs or cncjs and make sure that it is trying to connect to the same port. I don’t know much about cncjs, but ugs will “connect” to the first com port it can find, even if the Mill is not connected to that port.

I did and my port is good I can see the Arduino board on my device manager on COM4. I also have an other Arduino controller alone to simulate gcode and I can connect it to UGS ans CNCjs.

@GuillC I’m stumped Guillaume. Just to make sure that I understand what you are saying (I’m slow, you see.), with the Mill controller plugged into a USB port on your PC, windows sees the Mill’s arduino on com4. Both UGS and CNCjs, are trying to connect to com4 at 115200 baud, but neither can connect. All 4 drivers in your Mill controller are lighted up.
Your Mill has worked before, though.

Is the arduino controller that you use for simulation plugged into the same USB port on your PC? If not, for giggles, you may want to try connecting the Mill to the same USB port as your arduino. I appreciate, though, that this is a long shot.

You are not slow, I’m french canadian ,I may have difficulty expressing myself hehe.

You understand well, my controller is on com4, I tried each of my 3 USB port on my laptop, I changed to com4. My arduino board for simulation is on com5. I try to switch both (com4 to com5 and com5 to com4. My arduino board for simulation work on both COM. But the controller doesn’t. I try 3 usb cable.

My CNC work fine until yesterday (it was maybe 3 days since last use).

As I mentioned above. Each time I turn power ON the controller without usb connection, I can hear ‘‘click’’ sound in each axis-motors, but now it’s totally quiet.

I just send a email to tech support, hope to get some issue. Hope to have an answer quickly.

@GuillC You expressed yourself just fine, Guillaume. I’m sure that the Sienci guys will take care of you. It sounds like the arduino in your Mill is misbehaving. (Don’t you just love that technical talk?)

One thing that I’ll throw out that does not help at all is that, from time to time, when I turn on the Mill, I don’t get the “connect sound”. I have no idea why. Things work, though, so I’m thinking that it’s not a big deal.

Good luck. Keep us posted.

It could be the arduino boad but my device manager can see it. Just want the autorisation to switch both arduino board from tech support (don’t want to void my warranty if I work into the controller.

For the axis motor sound… that’s the possibility about the main controller is dead

I think I made all test I can do now. If I can get the wiring diagram of the controller I can check all input and output current with multimeter.

you could try to reload the LM-grbl to the arduino.

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last anwer, finally after somes email and test with tech service at Sienci, my arduino board was dead, they sent me I brand new few days after. Good service Thank you Sienci