CNC Not Moving After Connecting to G Sender

Just finished the assembly of my longmill however, after connecting my machine to g sender it wont move at all when jogging the machine. I made sure my mm/min were set to 1000. I also made sure it was connected and double checked that all connections to the control board are fully pushed in and correctly orientated. It still wont move. I also tried restarting my laptop. Any help anyone can give me would be really appreciated!

Nicholas when you press the jog button does gsender show it is jogging, you could also look at what the gcode is saing in the cosole. You should also check the arduino board is fully seated to the longboard. It does sound like you may have a communication issue between the laptop and longboard.


My arduino was loose works great now! Thanks for your reply never would have thought of that.

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Nicholas, glad your are up and running.