CNCjs Probing not working

I’m trying to set up the longmill to use with the touch plate and CNCjs. I am able to successfully connect and manually move the XYZ positioning of the bit. But when I try to use the Probe functionality with CNCjs, the spindle does not move. I just hear a humming sound.

When I try to use the probe feature in UGS, everything works as expected.

Has anyone else come across this? Has anyone been able to get CNCjs working with the touch plate?

@BlueSteel - First off welcome to the forum Rob. Second I use CNCjs and didn’t like the probe widget. I copied the XYZ probing off of GitHub and set up 3 copies. One each for 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 bit sizes. They all work fine. I do use the probe widget for resetting Z after a tool change. The humming is probably because the moving speed is very low so it looks like it’s not moving and just making noise. Are you using the probe widget or the GitHub macros?

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Hi Heyward,

Thanks for the information. I was just using the Probe widget, but thanks for pointing out the Github repo.
Is this the macro you were referring to: ?

It looks pretty straight forward to set up.

thanks again


Hey @Heyward43,

Thanks to your help, I got it working


Great. Sorry I missed your question. Make sure you set the correct user defined variables (first 4 lines or so) if you haven’t already. And again I set up 3 so I wouldn’t have to change the bit diameter over and over. I switched to CNCjs back on the UGS August 2019 version. I was having jogging issues and others were having run issues. No plans on going back either. Enjoy!

Good morning, I moved over to CNCjs in the past month or so and im now ready to add the touch plate, question on your comment above, in the macro from Github you said to edit the first few lines and im assuming your talking about these lines??

–>ENDMILL_DIAMETER = 3.175 ;in millimeters (Change this for other bit sizes)

–>PROBE_BLOCK_Z = 15;Thickness of 3-axis probe in Z direction
–>PROBE_BLOCK_Y = 10 ;Thickness of 3-axis probe in Y direction
–>PROBE_BLOCK_X = 10 ;Thickness of 3-axis probe in X direction

Also should the rest of the settings work with the probe from Sienci?

Thanks in advance

@Rocnutz - Yes Duane those are the ones I meant. And again yes the rest of the macro is fine, no other changes needed. If you copy the macro for different bit sizes you just change the endmill_diameter and the others stay Z15, Y10, X10.

Awesome, thanks for the info.

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