Complete noob has 3018 questions

Hi everyone! Im hoping an admin can move this to the appropriate category

I just bought a 3018 pro max with a 500w spindle from annoytools.
I started with candle and moved to gsender after watching a video.
Anyway, i spent an hour or so using the search function and haven’t been able to find the answers i think i need.
I’ve been able to connect my machine to the program and seem to have full functionality .
I’ve tried calibrating the machine/software.
What i think i need is a resource that can walk me thru tuning gsender to my particular machine.
Appreciate the help!

I think in order to tune your machine you need to know how the stepper motors are set up (steps per evolution) but am not sure. I know when I tuned up my longmill, the # of steps was calculated for correction based on a caliper measuremet.


@xxholdxx Welcome to the group Joe. Information on gSenders calibration tool can be found here. I hope that’s what you need, if not let us know.

Ok thank you guys. Thee is no machine lised in the drop down in the firmware portion so i wanted to make sure of that.
I used the calibrate function and used a miceometer to make sure i was doing it correctly.
The problem im having is i dont know what i dont know lol so im not even sure right now what questions to ask…
Im out of town atm so i have the machine set up and it seems to have full functionality, i guess the next step is to do a cut test with a square and circle to make sure i have it calibrated properly.
Im pretty stoked! Its a tiny machine but itll get me started.
Im really interested in inlays and glass etching.

I take that to mean your machine isn’t in the list. That is for flashing the firmware which you should not need to do if everything is working. Your machine does not need to be in the list to change GRBL settings.

If for some reason you did need to flash the firmware I would start with the manufacturer of your machine’s website and see if they provide directions or a hex file that could be flashed with a program like XLoader.

I do recommend that you export the GRBL settings in gSender firmware section. That way if you mess up some setting you have a backup.

That sounds like a solid plan. I started with a 3018 and learned a lot with it, then I bought a LongMill. There is a lot to learn in the beginning. For inlays I suggest searching for information about v-carve inlays if you haven’t.

I watched a feather inlay tutorial from IDC woodcrafters and really enjoyed the idea.
Ive done most of the design work already and realized i was trying to run before i knew how to walk.
The good thing is i learned alot about carbide create in the process, as he was doing to tutorial in vcarve so i had to learn how to translate it all.
Anyway im going to do epoxy acrylic and wood inlays.