Completed my Torsion Box Table

After seeing what others have done, and relying on my previous experiece successfully making the relatively large 32" X 94" X 7" thick assembly table for my workshop, I decided to do something similar for my table.

01  Saddle joint dadoes completed
04 Fully assembled grid
11 Faces glued on and clamped
12 Torsion box completed

I’m having a friend weld the base out of 2" square tube steel, so between the torsion box top and welded frame, I am confident that there’s not going to ever be any issues with flatness!

Marty Schlosser
Kingston, ON


wow is the only thing that comes to mind, very nice

Thanks, Bill. I’m really getting excited about putting the machine together now.


That table has got to be the award winner for sure!

Very nice build Marty. I look forward to seeing it completed with the steel tube frame and your machine in place.

Me, too, Greg!