Composite / Raptor / Omer Nails for Workholding

Man, I’m starting to wear the lettering off my keyboard with all the questions hahaha!

Has anyone used or is using the Omer air gun with the Raptor composite nails for work holding? I’m seriously considering this as it looks to be very quick, no need to use tabs. The composite nails (when broken off / sanded) still can be stained etc.

Here is a link to the Raptor nails.

For my use I think these would be ideal, as I’ll be cutting various shapes out of sheets of Baltic birch.

@exwhyzee I tried using a friend’s and they did work well. We also played using an ordinary gun. Mistake! For me, the initial price of the gun and the ongoing price of the nails kept me from buying into them. Between a bad Canadian dollar and ridiculous shipping costs, the “system” was out of reach.

If you do decide to go with them, please report back on your experience.

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It is definitely the way I go but will wait to see if I can find a decent deal on the nailer… man they are PRICEY. The nails I consider a consumable and will work into the project costs in any case but holy crap the nail gun in CDN$ is the same amount as our national debt.

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@exwhyzee If you find a deal on a gun, please post it here. I’ve given up looking. Since I’m a hobbyist, I can’t even work the nails into the project cost, but that’s not an issue. I used blue tape and CA right now. The composite nails would simply replace them.

The other issue for me is the nail length limit on the smaller gun. It will shoot a max length of 1.25". Even for .75" material, that does not allow for very much penetration into my spoil board. For any material thicker than that, it’s simply a non-starter.

Good luck in your search.