Connected but not connected

I have a sainsmart 3018 PROVer. I’m a fan of GSender and have been since setting up my CNC. When I connect, it shows connect but the gui won’t connect. The grey box in the visualizer stays grey and says connecting. I can manually move the machine using the GRBL controller but everything stays grayed out… I’ve tripped limit switches, reinstl’d GSender, reinstl’d drivers, new USB cable, not sure what else to try. PowerSave is off to USB so that’s not an issue. This has totally got me baffled, for several weeks now.

Bear, I was having the same issue a couple weeks ago. Longmill, gsender and laptop. Tried cables, sleep settings, deleting gsender and windows drivers etc., but still had difficulty connecting. I turned bluetooth off and went to a wired mouse, since then The issue has gone away. Cannot explain why changing the mouse worked but it has.

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anything different is good, I’ll give it a whirl

Same issue, thanks for that tho.