Connected but visualizer shows connecting

I have a sainsmart 3018 PROVer. I’m a fan of GSender and have been since setting up my CNC. When I connect, it shows connect but the gray box in the visualizer stays gray and says connecting. I can manually move the machine using the GRBL controller but everything stays grayed out… I’ve tripped limit switches, reinstl’d GSender, reinstl’d drivers, new USB cable, not sure what else to try. PowerSave is off to USB so that’s not an issue. This has totally got me baffled, for several weeks now.

Bear, I had the same type of issue when I first got the machine about a month ago. Went through the process of setting laptop and usb to never sleep, deleting and reinstalling drivers, replace usb cable, in my case 3 times. I was using a unwired mouse that I replaced with a wired one since then have not had an issue the past few weeks. I do not understand why this worked but it did. Good luck it is frustrating.

Bearclaw, are you running windows 11? I’ve had a similar problem on a new laptop with only gSender on it. After 3 days of trying installs and configuration, I never did get it resolved.
Everything works fine when I switch to the old laptop running Win 10.
Tomorrow I’ll return the new Acer Aspire with an ADM processor and try something with an Intel processor. Grasping at straws now…

Were you able to get the Sainsmart connected. Did you ever solve this issue??

I just read on the lightburn forum some guys having similar connection issues and have traced it to a cell phone being too close to the usb cable.