Connecting Problems with Pi Bot Rev 2.3 Control board connecting with G-sender

I have a Pi Bot Rev 2.3 Control board flashed with Grbl. I have been using Open Builds software to control the CNC. Thought I would try gSender but when I connected to the board it still shows disconnected on the Visualizer but connected at the top.

Have reflashed the board with no success, What else could I do or are they just incompatible?


@MellowMedusa976 it could be that there’s some disconnect between what your board is providing and what gSender is expecting, could you screenshot gSender with the console open so the opening text is visible, that’s the first check I can think of

I’ll follow up and also add that it looks like the PiBot board might also have GRBL Mega 5X loaded onto it rather than vanilla GRBL, which might be why gSender doesn’t work with it since currently only vanilla GRBL is supported by gS