Connection issues

Machine would not connect Tried everything and finally uninstalled gsender and reninstalled version 1.4.1. It started connecting again but would stop running about 15 seconds into job and stop. I would hit resume and it would run for another 15 seconds and stop. I would hit resume again and it would finish the job. It was doing this with laser an CNC. It did it on different jobs also. I uninstalled it again and reinstalled it. Now it will not connect at all.
Anybody got a clue what i am doing wrong or know a remedy for this issue.

I’m just guessing, but that sounds like USB issues? What operating system are you running? Sometimes Windows will put the USB port to sleep to save power.

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Windows 11. How do i check my USB?

I think this link sums it up well:

If that’s not what’s happening, you may want to reinstall the USB driver.

I have the machine back up and running but it is still stopping with error 24 code being displayed. I hit resume and it starts again. It does this 2 or3 times and then runs till the end of the job. The first 20 or so lines are not lining up with the remaining job. Bottom of the letters are about an jnch out of line from the rest of the letter.
I should have went on and retired…lol

Error 24 is ‘> 1 GCode command using axis words found.’ which I think means that at least two commands that require axis values were found with only one set of axis values.

This could be because of a connection problem but could also be something wrong in the G-Code itself. You could try the verify job in gSender to see if it finds a problem with the G-Code or use a separate program like CAMotics to check the code.