Considering the 30x30 MK2

Considering purchasing the 30x30 MK2 and I have a lot of questions.

Can someone with zero CNC experience use this?

What are the recommendations of things I need to purchase with it?

Can I use a Bosch trim router in place of the Makita?

Again, I am new to all of this so I will be asking many questions.


I am 3 weeks into my first CNC experience and can wholeheartedly say yes you can do it too. The Sienci support and group forums are second to none and there is nothing they wouldn’t do to help us newbies. I also have a 30x30 and some items you need to consider are dust collection. I just use a shop vac and that is sufficent. Also a sturdy table. As for using a different router, I would say yes, but check with Sienci first to ensure you order the right router mount size. Almost forgot… A good supply of project wood is always helpful. Welcome to the CNC community.

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Thanks Sweethand, as far as dust collection goes I am already prepared for that since I have a shop vac that I initially used for my other woodworking equipment. For the table I plan on building one 48x58, I think the router should fit, I just don’t see the need for a 4th one in my arsenal of tools.

How are you liking your system so far, have you made or designed anything and what software are you using for your designs?

@GettingStarted @Sweethand03 Welcome to you both to the group.

Great first post, Dan. :grinning:

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I went with V Carve desktop and use G sender. Still kicking the tires but do have a few builds under my belt ( and a broken bit or two as well ) I have no regrets with choosing the Longmill. Just assembling it was a joy. Fit and finish was like nothing I’ve ever built before.

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Thanks for the welcome Gwilki!

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Welcome. My concerns were using the software. I had a Carvewright which is pretty much a plug and play cnc so I didn’t really need to know much. When I made the leap to my 30X30 Longmill I was really worried that I would not understand how to use it or the software. Turns out it was not that hard to grasp the basics. People here were very helpful and there are youtube vids on any topic you can think of. I watched sooooo many youtube videos even before my longmill got here I started my research lol. If this 66 year old can learn how it works I think just about anyone with an open mind and a willingness to try new thing can too.
I use Vcarve Desktop and gsender and for somethings Inkscape and gimp. Inkscape and gimp are free software that can help with designs.
Have fun and enjoy the ride.



Thank you for your response, the part that really makes me nervous is the design software. There are so many cool things that can be made with CNC and designing is probably my weak point.

I guess if I mess up a project I could step back and do it again until I get it right.

@GettingStarted I suggest watching Mark Lindsay’s beginner project on his Youtube channel. They are specifically directed to Vectric product users, but you will get lots of good design process instruction, much of which you could transfer to other CAD/CAM applications. Kyle Ely’s course on using VCarve is not free, but is another excellent resource.

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Thanks Dan, I have watched some of Mark’s video’s and he has great content.

GettingStarted, you’ll mess up your share of projects lord knows I have and from what I’ve seen even the guys that have been doing this for years mess up now and then. I started out with cheaper bits and I’m glad I did because one of the first things I did was break a bit. I did not take into consideration the hold downs when I was moving the cnc and hit one. Since I have gone to nylon bolts and wingnuts for my hold down hardware.
As far as YouTube goes I subscribed to 50 channels to get ideas and tips. When I have down time I get out my laptop and look through all the channels to see whats new or if I want to learn a new trick or two. Or I will search a topic I want to learn about.
I have learn far more from my mistakes than my successes.

Sorry that got a bit long but I have every confidence you can do.

What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. :slight_smile:

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I too was a newbie- - there is a learning curve, but the Senci community board, you tube and other user boards are fantastic. Lots of tip, tricks and help as needed. You’re in good hands I assure you if you reach out

Thank you, my machine should be here Monday. UPS showed it to arrive yesterday and then changed to Monday, it gives me time to think about my table design.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages of having the LONGMILL sit on additional MDF strips instead of directly on top of the table?

If you mount the LongMill to the table and then put a spoil board on the table you lose the thickness of the spoilboard in usable Z space. I’ve seen people put a strip of MDF under the mill to compensate. The other thing that I have seen done is to have strips of MDF with a couple of slots in them. The strips of MDF are bolted through the slots and the mill is screwed to the MDF. The reason for this is to adjust the machine for squareness by loosening the bolts and moving the MDF and thus one side of the machine forward or backward to get the machine perfectly square.

Hope that helps,

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That makes perfect sense Michael, I like the idea of the slots in the MDF to adjust if necessary. I bought my materials today for my table, I am still waiting on some reinforcement brackets and my T track for the spoil board.


My LONGMILL has landed!! I just wish it wasn’t so dang hot so I can start cutting the lumber for my table.


I used strips of MDF with slots and it worked great. I highly recommend it.

Enjoy your CNC time.


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