Continuous jogging

I’m new to gsender but it will only continuous jog in one direction with either a keyboard or joystick shortcuts (Y- whenever either Y- or Y+ and X- whenever X- or X+ selected). Directions jog correctly when they are tapped.

@nrlottig that sounds off to me. When you run a program does it move in both directions? It could be an issue with loose wiring on your machine

Yep it works great when running gcode. I just doesn’t like me using the keyboard or joystick to continuous jog.

Would you be able to share the commands running in the ‘console’ or take a video with the ‘console’ tab in view so I could see more about this issue? I haven’t seen this issue elsewhere - maybe sharing the shortcut file in your post or taking a picture or video of your shortcuts would also be helpful

Yes- I will do this shortly.

I get similar behaviour for my mapped keys for continuous jogging on latest version. Listening in with interest…

@nrlottig did you have anything to update this topic with? Otherwise I’ll close it