Control Box Woes - No Red Lights

Good evening Sienci community,

As I haven’t encountered this issue before wanted to phone some friends to see if there are any solutions already identified. Went to run a project this evening on a 30x30 LongMill and after powering on none of the red lights appeared in the control box and the machine was idle as I attempted to jog the X,Y, and Z axis :cold_sweat: As it was running fine yesterday and put away per normal, I’m unsure how to proceed and would appreciate any guidance on the topic.

Thank you in advance,

I’d double check the incoming power to the controller box. The leads tend to slip out.

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Thank you for the recommendation and follower the advice, even reseated the wires. However, the issue still persists. From an adapter standpoint it shows to be receiving power as the green light is on, and the controller is able to connect to UGS (shown in the attached picture) with jog button being active. So the issue appears to reside in the controller somewhere in front of where the motors receive their power. As I’m no electrician not sure what that means :disappointed: so am stuck, for now…

@Blake There have been a few recorded cases of the power switches on the boards being defective and not allowing the power to actually get to the board even when switched on. If the green light on the power brick is lit up but the red light aren’t on then it’s likely that you’ve got a defective power switch.

Some users have fixed the problem by soldering a jumper wire between the two leads of the switch, but if that’s not within your comfort zone then we’d be glad to send you a new control box, just send us an email ( if that’s what you’d like :+1: